Demand Improves, Propylene Glycol Prices Rise in May

2022-05-27 17:19 Yanshuo Chemical
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As of May 26, 2022, the average ex-factory price of domestic industrial-grade propylene glycol is 12,733 yuan/ton. Compared with the price on May 1, 2022 (the ex-factory reference price of propylene glycol is 11,300 yuan/ton), the average price has increased by 1,433 yuan/ton. , an increase of 12.68%.

In May, the overall domestic propylene glycol market showed an upward trend. In the first ten days of May, after the Labor Day, the propylene glycol market was still in a weak downward channel. The downstream demand was generally boosted after the holiday, and the wait-and-see was relatively strong. On the 10th, the domestic ex-factory price of propylene glycol was around 11,116 yuan/ton, compared with the beginning of the month. Still a 1.62% drop. The rise in the propylene glycol market mostly came from the second half of May. The increase in foreign trade orders for propylene glycol, the improvement of the export atmosphere, the good performance of factories and warehouses, the increase in the confidence of the industry, and the continuous increase in the price of propylene glycol factories. As of the 26th, the cumulative increase in domestic propylene glycol was 1300-1800. Around RMB/ton, the ex-factory price rose to around RMB 12,600-13,000/ton, an increase of over 12% within the month. At present, the domestic propylene glycol market is mainly organized and operated, some factories mainly deliver pre-orders, and the trading atmosphere in the market is mild.

On the upstream side of propylene oxide, as of May 25, the average price of propylene oxide enterprises was 11,633.33 yuan / ton, an increase of 0.87% compared with the price on May 20. Recently (5.20-5.25), the propylene oxide market is in a stalemate, and the quotations of enterprises are mainly stable, and the prices of some enterprises are slightly increased. Recently, the price of raw material propylene has been on a downward trend. The price of raw material liquid chlorine has risen and then fell, and the cost support has weakened. The supply side is mainly stable, and the inventory has been slowly accumulated. However, the pressure on manufacturers' large inventory is controllable, which supports the market mentality. The downstream demand is deserted, and the procurement Enthusiasm weakened, and the market was stalemate. On the 25th, the mainstream quotation of propylene oxide in Shandong region was around 10800-10900 yuan / ton.

Market analysis

At present, the on-site quotation of propylene glycol is still stable and firm as a whole. Some propylene glycol factories mainly deliver foreign trade orders. The inventory pressure is still small. The market is mostly on the strong side, and it is mainly based on consolidation and operation. The specific trend needs to pay more attention to the basic changes in the supply and demand side and the follow-up of new orders.