60 coal mines were suspended, the cost of the chemical industry chain continued to rise

2021-10-10 01:21 Yanshuo Chemical
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After the National Day, most basic chemical products have started a new crazy price increase, especially the methanol industry chain, which is affected by coal prices, is facing the dual pressure of rapid price increase and shortage of goods. As a manufacturer of tetrahydrofuran and a professional supplier of chemical solvents, Yanshuo Chemicals strives to provide customers with reasonable factory prices and does our best to provide reasonable purchase suggestions. In the next period of time, the prices of BDO and THF will continue to rise, and the cost of acetic acid and acetate products will also increase.

Next, let's take a look at the latest situation in the coal industry.

Recently, Shanxi has encountered heavy rainfall. Due to flood control needs, many production projects in Shanxi have been closed. According to the Shanxi Provincial Emergency Management Department, 54947 people were transferred from various parts of Shanxi during the flood due to the impact of heavy rainfall.

60 coal mines were suspended, 372 non-coal mines, 14 hazardous chemical enterprises, 1,035 construction in progress were suspended, and 166 scenic spots were closed.


The increasing coal gap has also simultaneously pushed forward the high coal price. As of the end of September, the mixed coal price of 5,550 kcal at Qinhuangdao Port has set a new record of 1,700 yuan/ton.

The price of blended coal with a calorific value of 5000 kcal is 1540 yuan/ton, which is an increase of 140 yuan/ton on a week-on-week basis, and now is called a "crazy stone".

The current coal price has surpassed the high value of previous years, and policy risks have increased. In the spot market, there has been a recent sell-off situation, but the recent supply is still tight. Transportation is affected by the weather and the Daqin line maintenance or limited, and the demand is still strong. Under circumstances, coal prices may remain high.

As the source-end raw material of the chemical industry chain, the trend of coal has always been the top priority of many chemical workers. Therefore, the tight supply of coal has a vital impact on the downstream industry chain.

The most direct impact is that the prices of coke, methanol, formaldehyde, ethylene glycol, PVC, and olefins in the coal chemical industry chain have all recently increased. In addition, in the intricate chemical industry chain, the relationship between various chemicals is close and interlocking. The tight price of products in the coal chemical industry chain will also have a "butterfly effect" for the entire chemical industry chain. Under the action of, it gradually spreads to all links. ‍

In addition to acting on the chemical industry chain, leading to price increases for some chemical products, the tight coal supply has also exacerbated the tension in electricity everywhere. According to incomplete statistics from the Paint Purchasing Network, more than 20 provinces, cities and regions in my country have encountered dual control and dual restrictions. Since September, a total of 24 listed companies have issued 39 announcements on power curtailment and production suspension, involving 12 industries, chemical industry Listed companies account for about 30% of all discontinued companies, a total of 11 companies.

Judging from the regional distribution of the announced listed companies, Jiangsu Province has the largest number, with 12 companies in total, of which 6 are in the chemical industry; Shandong Province and Zhejiang Province follow closely behind, with 5 companies each.

Following the "Black Swan" year in 2020, many chemical companies are pinning their hopes on 2021, especially the "Golden Nine Silver Ten", which is slightly clearer, hoping to wash away the haze and make a lot of money. However, this traditional peak season is a bit different. Raw material prices are rising, supply shortages are in short supply, there are orders but cannot be started, and there is no electricity. All the above seem to be a joke with the chemical industry and make everyone complain. Industry insiders said that the current impact of the epidemic is still continuing to ferment, and the "dual control and double limit" of energy consumption at the end of the year has made the already precarious chemical industry even worse. ‍