Shandong Yanshuo Chemical Co., Ltd.
One-stop Chemical Purchasing Service Platform
Factory and Warehouse
We owned factory and warehouse, have hundreds of products in stock, and able to offer custom packaging accordingly.
Quick Delivery
We have our own transportation fleet, and cooperate deeply with logistics company. For harzard chemicals, we need only 1 week for applying lisence.
Import & Export
From ocean to air, rail to truck, we supply our customers nearly unlimited opportunities in a global marketplace.
Saving Time & Money
Incorporating our supply chain management and time-tested working flow, we can ensure quanlity and efficiency, which is the basic way that save your time and money.
Shandong Yanshuo Chemical is a leading manufacturer and supplier of chemicals in China. We develop produce and distribute high quality pharmaceuticals, intermediates, special chemicals and OLED intermediates and other fine chemicals. Shandong Yanshuo Chemical consists a team of professional analytical department complete QC&QA under strict SOPs, experienced sale and after-sale service, efficient logistic support. We work closely together with our pilot plant and production team to assure timely and cost-effective production of quality products, our mission is to find solutions for customers' pilot and scale demand.
We aim to be a leading company which is professional, market-oriented, standardized, international, diversified and industrial in chemical industry.